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India 2024

The Surabhi Ensemble continues its Global Peace Tour to India after visiting Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Senegal and Mexico in recent years. Surabhi Ensemble and it's not-for-profit wing, Ensemble of Ragas School of Performing Arts has a mission of "one stage, one music, one community." 

The ensemble has been officially invited to give workshops in underserved communities, concerts in theatrical venues, pop-up performances and festival sets in Pune, Gujarat, Bangalore and Goa in 2024. Please support our work and check this feed for updates! 

Update April 2023: The Surabhi Ensemble has received a number of official letters of Invitation for performances including: The Prince of Gujarat, The University of Pune, The Tourism Department of Goa. More to come!  


Please support our Global Peace Tour to India! Just scan either of the QR codes to make a direct donation to the Ensemble of Ragas School of Performing Arts which the non-profit wing of the Surabhi Ensemble. You can also follow this link to donate: 

Updates for 2024:

April 2024 - Dhananjay Kunte and Carlo Basile will visit Mumbai, Pune and Goa to give workshops and meet with concert presenters and music healing researchers to arrange larger Surabhi Ensemble performances for late 2024 and to discuss music as a healing art. Participating organizations: Sangeet Kala Teertha Music Academy in Pune, Maharshi University of Spirituality in Goa

December 2024 - Surabhi Ensemble India Tour Schedule: 12/26/24 - 1/1/25: Festival Performances in Chennai/Podicherry area; 1/1/25-1/4/25 Concert and workshops in Bangalore area; 1/5/25-1/9/25: Concerts, Workshops, Community Outreach in Pune area; 1/9/25-1/14/25: Concerts and Festivals plus performance for the Prince of Gujarat in the Ahmedabad area. 1/15/25-1/20/25: Concerts and workshops in Goa area. 

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